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Mary Scherr,Marvin Sippel-University of San Diego-21,May,2013

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Our guest speakers were Mary Scherr and Marvin Sippel. Both were educators. Mary taught for 21 years at the University of San Diego. Marvin was a coach, taught Economics, History, Physical Education and Health education. They were part of a group touring Palestine with a Christian Palestinian. The talk gave the other side of the conflict between Israel and Palestine. They were impressed with the desire of the Palestine people for peace. The maps given to us did show the loss of their land to Israel since 1946. They felt the checkpoints were overly difficult for the Palestine people to navigate. The poverty of the people was most evident.It was apparent our speakers felt the Palestine people were not being treated fairly in the ongoing struggle between Israel and Palestine. As always the problem is not easily solved. If time would have allowed, I am sure there would have been many questions