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Larry Anderson Tri-City Medical Center, August 27, 2013

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Dr. Dave Jones introduced Larry Anderson, the CEO of Tri-City Medical Center, who presented our program for the day.
Larry informed us that Tri City is now listed in the top 100 best hospitals and has been awarded several awards for their care and treatment of patients. Tri City has also entered into a “Joint Powers Agreement” with Fallbrook hospital. This will allow Fallbrook Hospital to keep its door open to provide primary and secondary care to its patients, and Tri City will also staff specialty medical clinics there. Fallbrook will agree to send its tertiary patients to Tri City for care that is not offered at their hospital. We all learned that there are four levels of care provided at hospitals:
Primary care
Secondary care (acute)
Tertiary care (specialty surgery, such as coronary
bypass surgery and joint replacement)
Quaternary care (such as organ replacement and experimental surgery)
Tri City is also one of the few hospitals in the area with Da Vinci Robotic surgery system along with a Mazor Robotic Renaissance spinal system as well. Both systems allow for minimally invasive surgeries.
Larry also said that there is still a need for a new hospital, but the state requirement for a new one has been delayed for several more years. Hopefully no bond measure will be needed!
Tri City will also has begun treating the state’s prison population, and this has become another revenue stream for the hospital.

Chris Kates, New Haven Homes, August 20, 2013

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Our program was held at New Haven Homes, Kate’s workplace, and we were treated to a delicious lunch prepared by the boys at New Haven. Our presenter was Chris Kates, MSW. New haven Homes consist of twelve homes, three at
the site on North Melrose Drive in Vista, where the meeting was held (which also serves as the recreational facility for the boys) and nine homes in the surrounding communities. The boys who are there have severe behavioral disorders that prevent them from attending regular schools or even special education classes. Many of the boys have autism or Aspergers Disorder. The boys are given a choice of three areas that they can work in while being at
New Haven, those being IT, culinary arts or youth build, in which they design and construct wood or metal objects. Some of those were on display and were quite impressive. Also, the boys do have regular school classes. There are 50 boys in all and most of them are teenagers. Their stay varies from three months to years, but the goal is to return
them to the mainstream. Funding is provided by government and private grants and private donations. A great program and a great cause.

Sherrie Gould, Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies For Parkinson’s Disease, August 6, 2013

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We had an excellent program and presenters. It was titled, “Pluripotent Stem Cell Therapies For Parkinson’s Disease”. Presenters were Ms Sherrie Gould a Nurse Practitioner, and Andres Bratl-Lead, PhD. Sherrie is an experienced mountain climber, and is involved in fund raising. Andres works with Scripps Research Institute.
They explained how stem cell research in the 1980’s evolved to what it is now.
Dr. Bratl-Lead is working on research for a hopeful cure for Parkinson’s Disease in which a small skin biopsy is taken from a patient with the disease and stem cells will be harvested from those cells and be converted into nerve cells that produce dopamine, which Parkinson patients are lacking. Then those cells will be injected into the brain of the patient and hopefully restore them to normal production of dopamine. This research is in its infancy and will
have to be successful in laboratory animals before it can be tried in humans. Hopefully by 2016 the first
patients could be treated, with FDA approval.
Embryonic stem cells can also give rise to new cells. Stem cells could be used to replace organ transplants in the future.