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Bret Schanzenbach – Vista Chamber of Commerce – February 24, 2015

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   Today’s Speaker Bret Schanzenbach was introduced by Josh Bernheim.

Bret is the Chief Executive Officer for the Vista Chamber Of Commerce. He attended Vista High school, class of 1986 and he is an active a member of the Vista noontime Rotary club.


  • Founded in 1920 and incorporated in 1928.
  • Formed the water district in 1920 (VID)
  • Helped form the Tri City Health Care system in 1960.
  • In 1920 Vista was the avocado capital of the nation.
  • In 1970 vista was the strawberry capital of the nation.
  • Now Vista is the Micro Brewing capital with 11 breweries! Time to celebrate!
  • Vista has 14 million square feet of business park buildings.
  • 800 businesses.
  • Less than 5% vacancy rate of rental property.  
  • The Chamber has a number of events thought the year, Heroes of Vista, Golf Tournament, Christmas Parade and their largest event the Strawberry festival. Last year they had over 90,000 people attend. Might be an opportunity for our Rotary club to make this a fund raiser. May 24 is the date of the event.


Navy seal Marshall Lubin – February 17, 2015

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Knox introduced Mr. Marshall Lubin. Marshall grew up in Los Angeles , Calif.
and circumnavigated the planet from the age of 17 to 19, mostly under sail.
He spent two years exploring South America, including the Amazon Jungle
in the early 70’s.he also explored Mexico before joining the navy whee he worked at Seal Team One on Coronado, Calif.
He was the president of the Hi-Noon Carlsbad club from 1992-1993, and is a Paul Harris Fellow.
He began a program to support an Orphanage east of Tijuana and received a matching grant from
RI .He has also served as President of the Carlsbad Ed. Foundation, VP of Community Resource Center in Encinitas, and on the North County Hospice. He currently volunteers time with
Challenged America, a non- profit that provides a weekly adaptive sailing program for disabled children and adults.
Since retiring in 2000, he has written 3 books. One is about his early travels,titled
From Boys 2 Men, An Adventure in Paradise.Tate Publishing has written his second book.
He spoke to us today about his new book, Night Moves, which include a fascinating video
presentation. It began with a 1980 hostage situation at the Iranian Embassy in London.
British commandos,SAS, were sent in to rescue the hostages. A mock practice, in detail, was sent up to help the hostages escape. Margret Thatcher said, “take the embassy.”
Outside noises by planes and jack hammers were used to disguise the commandos work.
5 of the 6 terrorists were killed and the siege ended with 1 embassy worker killed.
The terrorists wanted to break away from Iran and form a new country.
IN 1980 we had no counter- insurgency teams. We formed some teams which trained
with the British commandos in Florida. It involved parachuting rubber boats from c-130;s,
skydiving with HALO, high altitude low openings. Some jumps involved being at 25,000 feet high and up to 120 miles per hour. Marshall told a story of parachute failures on one of his jumps, and how his training helped save his life. He hit the ground, spent the night in a hospital, and was released the next day!!
There were 7 men on a Seal Team at that time, which involved night diving, rock climbing, cross country skiing, and other training. He joined the Navy in 1977. Candidates for the SEALS go through a hell week with little or no sleep when many quit, then its 6 months of training.
They start training at night. Seal team 6 does counter terrorism. The SEALS started in 1961
He spent 4 years in the Navy with no major electronic for the SEALS to use at that time.

Lisa Rodman, Honey Do List – January 27, 2015

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​Our program was provided by Lisa Rodman, past president of the Carlsbad Hi-Noon Club and executive director of the Agua Hedionda Lagoon Foundation. She also recently completed a twelve year term as a Carlsbad Unified School Board trustee and is secretary for the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce Education Committee. But her biggest claim to fame is a neighbor of Knox Williams!
​Lisa informed us about a hands-on community project that her club is doing to help seniors in the area. It is called Honey Do List. It started as a project to install smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors in senior’s homes that didn’t have any or to replace batteries as needed of existing ones and also to provide fire extinguishers for those who didn’t have them. They have expanded the program to doing minor home repairs for needy seniors. They work through the Carlsbad Senior Center to get the names of the seniors in need. Lisa invited our club to consider doing a similar project for the needy seniors in Oceanside.
– Joann

Greg Smedley, Principal Martin Luther King Middle School, February 3, 2015

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Josh Bernheim introduced today’s speaker, Greg Smedley, now Principal at Martin Luther King Middle School, but formerly a History and Civics teacher at Oceanside High for most of his 18 years with OUSD. Greg talked about the “Oceanside Promise.” Developed by District Superintendent Coleman, this is a program created to equip every student with the skills and abilities needed to gain access to a community college or a four-year institution. Also Greg informed us about the Common Core Curriculum, which has been adopted by most states. The focus is on critical thinking. English, history, math offer paths to solve problems, Greg said. Students now have to use the knowledge gained to justify their answers to problems. It’s nice, he said, to get answers right, but students are now being asked to justify their answers in speaking and writing. Many parents still are frustrated by this need to justify answers, however.

In his role as principal, Greg has to help find ways to help students succeed. He’s working with parents, trying to get help in handling computers. He works with elementary feeder schools for buy-in to the focus on critical thinking, and generally with parents and community. One of the more mundane issues that requires his attention is the water shortage on campus.

Greg Smedley appears to be a savvy and enlightened educator who truly wants students to succeed!