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Leo Bates of Oceanside Police Department July 28, 2015

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Leo Bates with the Oceanside Police Department came in to give us the well-rounded version of the Senior Volunteer Patrol Program. Leo has been with the SVPP for a total of 17 years. The SVPP held its first academy for the Senior Volunteer Patrol Program (SVPP) in 1995. The program has grown steadily and has a team of over 100 multitalented members. Volunteers are required to be 50 years or older and be residents of Oceanside. The SVPP is designed for senior citizens who wish to serve their community while working in partnership with police to promote public safety and service programs.

SVPP members provide many services to the community, such as ticketing illegally parked vehicles, assisting with traffic control, performing vacation home checks and conducting “You Are Not Alone” (YANA) visits to the homebound. In an effort to increase traffic safety, SVPP members also assist the Traffic Services Unit with DUI and Traffic Safety Checkpoints.

SVPP members have the option of performing administrative duties or patrol duties. For safety purposes, volunteer patrol duties do not place volunteers in confrontational situations. Patrol duties enable the volunteers to serve as the eyes and ears of the Department. They are equipped with radios and are always able to communicate with police officers.

Utilizes uniformed senior citizens to provide a variety of services to the community under the direction of the Oceanside Police Department. These services include vehicle patrol of neighborhoods, traffic control, security checks, and other non-hazardous assignments. Checks on the welfare of homebound seniors and disabled individuals through the You Are Not Alone (YANA) program. People participating in the YANA program receive visits.

Club Assembly, July 21, 2015

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Club Assembly: Josh, with his daughter’s artistic & technical skills, provided us with a beautiful calendar of our upcoming activities in the club & the District.

Let’s get motivated & start getting people to invite to the New Speaker Event on September 29th. We will be partnering with the Carlsbad Rotary and will reach out to the Oceanside Rotary clubs to join us. (or vice versa) Michael Caruso is a motivational speaker that will speak on how to speak & how to be an effective leader. Reach out to professionals and salespeople that you know.

Our committee: Josh, Mychal & Knox would accept assistance from our members. They have already booked the room at the Carlsbad Sheraton for $500 and paid for Mr Caruso’s flight. He will not charge us his usual $5000 speaker’s fee and he has arranged a free room at the hotel in exchange for a workshop with hotel employees.

The room will hold 200 people so we need to sell tickets. Tickets will be $39.95 & our club will keep all the profit for the tickets we sell. Other clubs will keep $20 per ticket.

The committee has arranged promotions with the Carlsbad Chamber. They will be reaching out to the Oceanside and Vista Chambers as well & already have an interested partner at Oceanside Chamber, Renee Richards.

See more info about the speaker at

Let’s make this event successful in both fundraising & generating new membership leads!! Opportunity drawing winner: Dave Jones was the winner, again! But I didn’t catch his windfall amount. (Editor’s note: It wasn’t very much; it didn’t even pay for his golf on Thursday). Meeting adjourned: 1:18 pm Submitted by: Michelle McGowan

Nick Hall , Pedal Power to End Polio, July 14, 2015

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I certainly can’t improve upon the write-up that the reporter present at our meeting wrote and is re-produced below. (Don’t you Bell Note authors wish there was a reporter at every meeting? Maybe we should recruit one!). I will add a couple things not mentioned in the article, though. Before Nick went on his first bike ride at age 17, he milked rattlesnakes and wrestled alligators. In addition to teaching anatomy at USF, he teaches physiology and bacteriology. Also he was one of those crazy guys that accompanied our own Jim Czarnowski on the kayak trip in the Everglades. He didn’t say whether he wrestled any alligators on that trip.

Oceanside CA— “If you were to draw a line on a map from Massachusetts to Tijuana Mexico, I’ve been in jail in every state that line would pass through.” It’s a statement that doesn’t inspire a lot of confidence in someone preparing to ride his bike from Oceanside to St. Augustine Florida for charity but that is how Nick Hall introduced himself to a meeting of the El Camino Rotary Club on Tuesday. Nick explained that in the 1960’s, when he rode his bike cross-country, people were allowed to check into local jails for lodging or “If they caught you sleeping in a city park, they would give you the option of being taken in as a vagrant, or voluntarily as a lodger.” continued Nick “I would ask if they served breakfast and what the checkout time was. After riding 120 miles in a day you can sleep just about anywhere including a steel slab in a jail cell.” The 67 year-old, a professor of anatomy and nutrition at the University of South Florida, in Tampa, is riding to raise money for End Polio Plus, the Rotary’s anti-polio campaign. “A lot of people say; Polio I thought that was like small pox. It doesn’t exist anymore.” Nick said regarding the End Polio Plus campaign. “As long as there is one case in the world, it’s only one plane ticket away from the United States.” Nick used the recent measles outbreak at Disneyland as an example. “People are not getting their kids vaccinated and it spread very, very quickly across different states.” Nick has goal of raising $10,000 during his ride. He also has the backing of Bill and Melinda Gates who will be matching 2 dollars to every 1 dollar raised. Cross country rides for charity are no longer a rarity. This time of year you can read about another ride leaving the west coast for the east just about every week. Many are billed as solo rides. They are in fact usually one bike rider but with a support team in a motor home towing a trailer full of spare bicycles and parts. Nick’s ride is a true solo ride. It’s just him and a used Raleigh 10 speed he bought on e-bay. Nick knows from previous experience, it’s the 50th anniversary of his first cross-country trek, there are several obstacles to overcome on a solo journey. “The biggest impediment will be motivation. The temperatures are going to be extremely high in Arizona and New Mexico.” continued Nick “It’s going to be very tempting to check into a hotel room, buy a plane or a bus ticket home and abandon the trip.”
President- Josh Bernheim; President Elect- Jim Czarnowski; Fundraising Chair- Mychal and Dave Jones; Public Relations Chair- Joshua Bernheim; Foundation Chair– Lee Russell; Membership Chair- Scott Cadwallader; Youth Chair –Jim Czarnowski; Secretary- Rick Sharp; Treasurer–Keith Brentlinger Bell Notes 4 Nick said there are three factors he needs to be cognizant of while riding alone. Number one; when attempting any type of endeavor like this, it’s important to maintain control. Number two, having the ability to predict and number three. Maintaining a sense of optimism that things will get better. The Raleigh bike Nick purchased on e-bay is a similar model and color to the bike he rode on his first cross-country trip. Nick explained that in terms of control, he’s not going to set a goal of 120-140 miles per day. “Although if I don’t average 120, I may not have a job when I get to Florida because the fall classes begin in late August.” Nick said he can’t control the terrain, the wind or when a mechanical failure may occur but he can control the amount of time he rides each day. “I’m going to pedal 10 hours a day. I plan to be on the road 15 hours a day. That means I’ll have five hours to spread out for breaks.” He believes he will be averaging 12 to 13 mph on his bike fully packed with gear and water. As for predictability. “I’m deeply indebted to, the Adventure Cycling Association. They have mapped out tens of thousands of miles across the United States.” Nick will be taking the Southern Tier. “I have practically memorized those maps.” In terms of optimism “I’ve done it before, I’ll meet people and I’m going to have fun on this ride.” said Nick. “It’s extraordinary the amount of support I have. No other ride I have done has had this amount of publicity.” Nick said the publicity is something he doesn’t like and has put some added pressure on him for this ride. “The idea of the ride was just a lark at first. If a hurricane came up through Texas and I had to abandon the ride, store the bike and continue it at Thanksgiving or Christmas, I could do that.” Nick continued “There are a lot of eyes on me this time.” Nick left Tuesday afternoon shortly after the Rotary meeting. He hopes the trip will take three to four weeks to complete. Although he will be sleeping next to his used bike by the road side, for the most part, you will be able to follow his progress on his Facebook page where he will be adding frequent updates with photos. To donate, visit

Joane Marrero about Organic Farming, July 7, 2015

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JoanE Marrero educated us on organic farming. JoanE is director of the JR Organic Farm, JR Organics in Bonsall. The Rodriguez family has been producing certified organic produce on the farm since 1986. Their products are available locally at the Farmer’s Markets in Carlsbad on Weds afternoon and in Oceanside Thursday morning. You can also purchase them through the CSA program (Community Supported Agriculture), in which one agrees to purchase shares of the farm products at reasonable prices and have them delivered to your home or to a nearby pick-up point.

Tours of the farm are available in June and October and cost ten dollars, including lunch and live music. Strawberry picking is available in the spring and pumpkins in the fall. Their website for those interested in more information and how to contact them is