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Chaplin Richard Phillips December 15, 2015

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Chaplain Richard Phillips was born and raised in Westfield, Massachusetts.
He has a BA Degree in Secondary Education, and a MA Degree in Religious Education
from Denver Seminary. He has been a church pastor for 32 years in Denver, Boca Raton,
Billings, San Diego, Oceanside, and Vista. He is Board Certified with Chaplains
Ministry Association.. He has been a Tri-City chaplain for 12 years, supervising chaplain
for the past 2 years, and Tri-City Hospice Chaplain for 3 years. He has enjoyed lap swimming for many years, and is a LA Clippers fan.
A packet of materials was handed out to us to take home about the hospital and a card
with Prayers of Comfort. He was inspired by a book he read. Step out in faith was mentioned.
He prayed for 2 years, and resigned from his church, feeling God was calling him to be a hospital chaplain. He had to be trained and certified, and God provided the way!! Richard spends 34 hours a week at his job. He has two part time chaplains who work 20 hours per week, and 7 volunteers.
It requires 1600 hours to be certified as a hospital chaplain.
95 percent of a chaplain’s job involves providing comfort to patients and their families and to be a good listener and provide personal prayers when asked.
He is highly dependent on God for wisdom. It is important to cry to grieve a loss God gave us tears and can put us in situations that help us .God is sovereign. Richard says he believes in miracles, and that prayer healing does work.
Why do bad things happen? There may be some reasons that are secret and belong to God. What God, do you want me to learn from this experience?
Read Psalm 86 in the bible.
There is no typical day for a hospital chaplain.
You must be board certified to be a chaplain, and volunteers must be trained.

Lisa Basista of Carlsbad Army & Navy Academy-December 1 2015

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Our program today came courtesy of Rick Sharp who introduced three from the Carlsbad Army & Navy Academy: Dr. Lisa Basista, Dean of Academics; Ethan Segovia, Assistant Dean of Academics; and Josh Rutledge, Cadet Command Sgt. Major.

Founded in 1900 in San Diego, the Academy has been located at its present site in Carlsbad since 1936. It is an all-male boarding school for students in grades 7-12 with a present enrollment of 275. Surprisingly, three fourths of the students come from abroad with a large number from China. An emphasis is placed on building good character and leadership skills while also focusing on academics that will lead to college. Athletics also play a major role in a student’s life. All students are graded on honor, integrity, respect, etc. Students’ lives are structured with an early morning formation, breakfast, drills, classes, physical training, etc. (Friday is a short day, ending at noon.) The students have evening study hall Monday through Thursday. Faculty have evening office hours twice monthly. Our student guest, Josh, described living in the barracks, falling out for formations, 30 students to a “company,” etc. He came to the academy as an 8th grader and has gained many friends. His title suggests that he has been quite successful in his years there.