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Christine Judge From Colchester England January 26, 2016

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Our speaker and guests were David and Christine Judge from Colchester England where David is a past district governor.

David shared with us that he was awarded the Member of the British Empire (MBE) for his work with charitable organizations on Queen Elizabeth’s birthday in 2004. He also passed around pictures showing Prince Charles putting the medal around his neck.
He then started on a T G type story of being in the paper… until his wife came up and gave him the nudge to move on.
He explained that he is actually a member of RIBI (Rotary International in Great Britain and Ireland) which is separate from Rotary International in that they have their own president and administration. RIBI was formed in 1913 when Rotary was spread overseas. He also said that due to legal issues it would take millions of dollars to do away with RIBI and have them join Rotary International so they stay as they are.
David also said that the average age of its members is 70 (sounds like the old man Oceanside Rotary Club) and that membership is shrinking. One of the ways they are attracting new members is to offer a one year “Associate Membership” to prospective members. This allows them to try Rotary out for a year and then convert to full membership. The Associate member is not allowed to vote on club or RIBI issues during this time.

Christine Judge told us about the organization that she is involved in called Inner Wheel. Inner Wheel was formed in 1928 and is all women service club that mirrors many of the ideals of Rotary by 1) promoting true friendship 2)Ideals of personal service 3) to foster international understanding.

Deb Ferraro of Carlsbad Village Yoga Co-op January 19, 2016

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Mychal introduced Deb Ferraro from the Carlsbad VillageYoga Co-op. She left the corporate world and Denver behind and moved to Carlsbad 4 years ago.  Deb owns the Carlsbad Village Yoga Co-op.

The yoga Co-op was formed to provide energy, nutrition, and massage workshops for kids to seniors. They have a wide variety of classes available to target various needs, including:  1.Yoga for special needs

  1. Sound Healing – using vibrations
  2. Chair Yoga- Age 55+ for $5 – every Wednesday
  3. Black night Yoga – there are glow in the dark stars on the ceiling and they use glow sticks too!
  4. Every Thursday at 4p.m. they have a free yoga class at the Boys and Girls Club


It costs $19 to join the Co-op.  With that you will pay only $5 for the yoga class instead of the standard fee of $10 and $49 for a massage instead of $65. 

The Co-op is located at 2801-B Roosevelt St. Carlsbad.



Deb is also responsible for forming C3 – Carlsbad Causes for the Community in 2003.  It’s a nonprofit of local businesses and residents who raise money for various community causes.  C3 focuses on providing social, athletic, recreational, and wellness services and activities for those who live, work and play in the Village of Carlsbad.  For $150 per year you can become a C3 partner.

For only $10 you can attend their Winter Fancy Fundraiser happening on January 29th at 7p.m. at the Yoga Co-op.  From 7 to 8 p.m. they will show a video of events and programs.  9p.m. there will be a live auction with an opportunity to get a stay-cation in the village, or a weekend in Big Bear.  There will be a silent auction as well and appetizers and desserts will be served.  You can find more info by visiting  C3 does a lot of good for the community of Carlsbad and has many “angels” who help facilitate its success. 



Deb also spoke about “Got your Back San Diego” an interfaith community service that provides backpacks of food for kids who can’t afford to eat on the weekends.  They work with the school districts to identify which kids need the program.  By putting the food in back packs it’s inconspicuous and doesn’t make them stand out.

Deb organized a village wide community food drive to collect food for them around Thanksgiving.  30 businesses put out collection bins for this cause.  What an awesome service!

Knox Williams January 12, 2016

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Our own Program Chairman and Carlsbad “Citizen of the Year”, Knox Williams apologized to the membership that the Tuesday program presenter was unable to make the meeting and the “Soft Water King” improvised with a popular replacement by asking the membership to stand and tell what their Hi-Lite of 2015 was to them personally.


Knox started things off by describing that he wished to gift a scholarship in his name to his Alma Matter UCLA and after suggesting that his daughters grant his bequest upon his death, they both urged him to set up the scholarship in his honor while he was still passing out jar openers at the Bruins Campus or perhaps while he was still living to enjoy his good deeds. He then passed amongst the membership an alumni magazine article with a photo of two lovely Bruin Cheerleaders beside Knox, bequeathing his donation to the University President. That photo-op alone got Knox’s blood flowing and I’m sure he will out-live all of us. God bless you!


Dave Jones indicated that he and Connie’s 50th Wedding Anniversary and the 15 day cruise to Hawaii highlighted the Year 2015.


Joann O’Meara and Jim both count the blessing of their 3 grandchildren, one of which was just baptized in the Catholic Church as their 2015 highlight.


Lee Russell recalled his and Jackie’s celebration of 55 years of marriage and their visit to the WW-II Museum in New Orleans as the highlight of 2015.


The 2015 highlight for President Josh Bernheim was his daughter Marin’s return from College.


Greg Morones indicated that both he and his wife were blessed in 2015 with opening their home to host their Church’s Growth Group (Bible Study).


Keith Brentlinger counted his blessings for the birth of his little adorable grand-daughter.


For Joe and Cathie Sarnecky, their trip to Alaska was the highlight of the year 2015.


President-Elect Jim Czarnowski counts his wife getting pregnant as his 2015 blessing and at the same time blames it on their trip Peru they took this past year.


Michelle McGowan celebrated two anniversaries, both the 25th Year in 2015 for her marriage, as well as her work and she can’t believe how fast her lovely daughter is growing up!


Julie Bemis was blessed with her entire family getting together for the Holidays in 2015.


Rick Sharp counts his successful fishing excursion for Dorado (Mahi Mahi) as the highlight for the year 2015. He and his wife are planning on some serious travelling in the coming year!


Speaking of fishing, Rob Taylor enjoyed a lot of successful fishing trips in 2015, however he recapped receiving a letter from the I.R.S. regarding his father’s trust and although somewhat skeptical, he found that “yes, there is a Santa Clause” as he received a check for a refund!!


Past President Mychal Dourson counts 10 years of marriage to his lovely bride as his 2015 highlight, followed closely by his amazing children growing up, the oldest boy is now surfing!


David Ogren (our esteemed guest) described how he met four or five new friends from our Rotary Club and how they enjoy playing golf and socializing with one another. That sounds familiar, as it is just how Paul Harris began Rotary!


I am sure that Judy Ellsworth’s 2015 highlight was the Board of Directors granting her a “leave of absence “ for 4 to 6 weeks and I am absolutely sure that her 2016 highlight will be the trips that she takes during the two month period…


Finally, your scribe T.G. completed an emotional tour of Washington D.C. War Memorials for the honor flight that blessed his 96 year old father George and 94 year old Uncle Ted with, this past  October. They departed San Diego on Charter U.S. Air “all expenses paid”, as several hundred friends and relatives wished them “God Speed” upon departure and they returned to be greeted by nearly two thousand proud Americans saluting the “Greatest Generation”. There was not a “dry eye” in the entire terminal lobby, as patriotic music was playing and children and loved ones held signs of welcome and presented them with flowers and balloons.


Thank you Knox for a truly wonderful program and we must make it a tradition in El Camino Real Rotary Club as we recall the blessings we all have received in this fine nation of ours!!