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Helen Kaufman April 26, 2016

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Our program today was provided by Helen Kaufman and was centered around her memoirs White Gloves and Collards, which is about growing up in the segregated South.
Helen is a native of Edenton, NC. She told of befriending a black girl in her youth, which was frowned upon by some family members and friends. Helen went on to graduate from the University of North Carolina and was the community liaison for a public school desegregation program in Massachusetts prior to relocating to California.

Joann O’Meara Carlsbad Rotary Club April 19, 2016

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Joann O’Meara introduced her friend Dr. Renuka Sethi an 8 year member of the Carlsbad Rotary Club. Renuka was born in India and came to the US as a teenager for higher education. She graduated from Smith College in Massachusetts and received her Ph.D. in Developmental Psychology at Oregon State University in Corvallis. Upon receiving her Ph.D. she accepted a position at Cal State Long Beach and later served on the faculty at the University of Rhode Island and Cal State University in Bakersfield. She received two Fulbright Scholar Awards; one to Norway in 1997 and the other to Ukraine in 2001. She decided to take early retirement in 2002 , earned the status of Emeritus Professor and moved to Carlsbad.

For the past 2 years she has served as the first Peace Chair for her club and is also a member of the District Pathways to Peace Committee. Renuka initiated the first annual Peacemaker Award to honor individuals and/or organizations for their significant contributions in promoting Peace through a variety of avenues.

She pointed out how Rotary fits so well with the goal of Peace. The hallmark of Rotary is Peace through Service so Peace is in Rotary’s DNA. She attended the first big Peace conference held recently in Ontario in which five districts participated. They had many speakers including a Hiroshima survivor, and Sharon Stone. Michelle and Joann also attended this conference.

In 1949 – 49 members from 29 delegations helped draft United Nations charter. There is an annual rotary day at UN. The UN has 17 goals in promoting peace, Rotary is already involved in over 60% of these.

In 1981 World Understanding and Peace Award established.
In 1985 Polio Plus was launched
In 1999 Rotary Peace Centers launched with 1000 peace fellows around the world
In 2001 Rotary District 5340 created Pathways and Peace committee to promote world understanding and Peace. Some of the things created by the committee include:
Peace Scholars/Fellowships
Wheelchairs to the Holy Land
District Peace Forum
Hand in Hand Schools
Project Refuge/Job Works
Pathways to Peace Award
Gaza Project
Peace Gardens/Peace Poles
Rotary Model UN – every club sends teams of young students for a 2 day event where they debate on UN resolutions, causes, and “crisis event”. They give non-competitive broad recognition to all events around the world.

Renuka is on a mission to appoint a Peace chair in each Rotary Club. She ended her presentation by appointing Mychal Dourson as the Peace Chair volunteer of our club! Congratulations Mychal!

Julie Bemis April 12, 2016

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Julie Bemis introduced our guest speaker Nicki Burgan, along with her beautiful and courageous dog Annie, a five year old Weimereiner. Nicki’s canine companion for the past 2+ years is indeed a well trained animal specializing in water rescues and searching both land and sea. Nicki completed training in Search & Rescue in 2000, became a professional Lifeguard in 2005, and formed her volunteer search & rescue organization SoCal H20 Rescue Team in 2010.


The dedicated Burgan Family includes mom Nicki, dad Erik, daughter 7 year old Laine, her older daughter Taliyah (a County of San Diego Lifeguard at Moonlight Beach in Encinitas), son Kaj whom is nine years of age, and of course Annie.


In addition to sharing the story of her amazing dedication to providing Search & Rescue support to police, sheriff, firemen, lifeguards, Coast Guard, and other rescue agencies, Nicki has trained several rescue canines over the years that the Burgans have tallied hundreds and hundreds of rescues, as well as an equal number of search and recovery efforts. And, all for Nicki’s love of animals, dedication to safety and amazing heroism, in memory of her mother, sister, and step-father whom perished in an aircraft accident off of the coast of Carlsbad in 2007. She and her lovely family provide all and more at no cost and rely solely upon contributions of equipment and financial support from the public. In the name of Rotary, that truly meets the Four Way Test, as well as our motto, “Service Above Self”.


Nicki Burgan, thank you for your dedication and also for displaying the amazing video presentation of Annie in action, as well as describing the memories of Rummy your former Labrador. You have a truly awesome family and God bless the family that you honor on behalf of your good deeds…


Linda Lake April 5 2016

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Linda Lake, RN, Phn, MSN, is the Public Health Nurse Supervisor for the North Coast Public Health Center, Oceanside. Linda and her team of eleven nurses run the Nurse Family Partnership, which is the second largest program in the US. The program was founded by a preschool teacher that saw the need for low income mothers to have assistance in the pregnancy and early childhood experience.

The Nurse Family Partnership program is providing one on one nurse visits to the homes of pregnant mothers to assist from pregnancy through the first two years of the child’s life. The visits can be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly depending on the mother’s need. They continue the visits every two weeks until age 2.

The program has shown great success and bi-partisan support. The mothers are more likely to have jobs, use less welfare and food stamps. The kids have lower medical expenses and fewer ER visits. They have lower abuse & neglect rates, fewer behavioral and intellectual problems and lower rate of being in the criminal system in the future.

They focus on family reading and research has shown that the kids in the program have higher reading scores and school success.