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Joe Sarnecky 09/27/2016

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Our very own Joe Sarnecky spoke the times of the Vietnam War. Particularly when he was ejected from his plane only to parachute into eminent danger. Joe then forced himself to land in the ocean only to encounter more danger of being shot at from the beach into the water until being rescued from his tangled parachute which had to be cut off.  We thank Joe for his service to our country, his bravery and his ability to survive so we could all hear his story.

Joe Sarnecky Sept 13, 2016

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Our program today was provided by our very own Joe Sarnecky, telling us about his recent long medical journey for his heart problems.

His journey actually started in 2003 when he had to have his aortic valve replaced due to an abnormal valve. He had had a fainting episode in Las Vegas about a year before that, which was thought in retrospect to probably have been a warning. After discussing the various types of heart valves available with his surgeon, Joe decided on a homograft (human heart valve).

He did well until New Year’s Day this year when he experienced chest discomfort and some shortness of breath. When his symptoms failed to resolve, he went to the emergency room and was told that he had congestive heart failure and was advised to see his cardiologist as soon as possible. However when he went to the cardiologist’s office the next day, he discovered that he had sold his practice to another cardiologist and he was now a full time cardiologist at Tri City Medical Center and, to make matters worse, the new cardiologist would not be able to see Joe for a couple weeks. Due to Joe’s perseverance he was finally able to see his old cardiologist and tests were done which showed that he not only needed a replacement of his aortic valve, but also repair of his mitral valve. Also he was found to have some coronary arteries that would need bypass surgery and an aneurism of the aorta in the chest that would need to be repaired. Due to the complexity of issues, he was referred to UCSD for surgery.

He was on the operating table for fourteen hours .A few days later he had a problem with an irregular heartbeat that required insertion of a pacemaker. Finally after a few weeks in the hospital, he was well enough to be sent to a rehab facility in Carlsbad for physical therapy prior to returning home. Unfortunately he had a setback a few days after his transfer there and had to be readmitted to UCSD. He was then transferred to another rehab facility in LaJolla and after a couple weeks there, he was finally able to return home, 51 days after his initial hospitalization at UCSD. Unfortunately Joe’s story didn’t end there. He developed a surgical wound infection which required drainage and antibiotics, but he is finally on the mend and able to resume his Sergeant-at- Arms duties.

Marilyn Sanderson 9/6/16

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District Governor Marilyn Sanderson was introduced by Mike Curtin Marilyn graduated from Oklahoma State. Marilyn served as assistant to the district governor for 2 years.  She joined Rotary in Australia. She said she had a hard time getting what Rotary was about and she had a no passion for awhile. However she continued to go to Rotary and had an opportunity to go to Kenya. After helping build a home for a family, she toured the area to find hospitals and schools deplorable. 

At a cafeteria, putting it nicely, she noticed that food was cooked in three stainless pots. On the pots was a plaque saying presented by Kenya Rotary Club. This is where she found her passion. Rotary, “We find a starting point and work it out.”Opportunity drawing: Won by Lee Russell for the umpteenth time this year, bringing his earnings to more than Phillip Rivers’.