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Jim Byler October 25, 2016

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Jim Byler is a former Police Lt from the Carlsbad Police Department. During his career he served as the Traffic Sergeant, Detective Sergeant and Investigations Bureau Commander. Jim spent over twenty years as a Hostage Negotiator and Crisis Team Leader.

He has instructed in the FBI’s Negotiations Course and served as an instructor to law enforcement officers throughout the state in the field of hostage negotiations and crisis communications. Jim also served as the Public Information Officer for his police department and has extensive training and experience working with the media. Jim is also a certified instructor in the US Navy’s Anti-Terrorism Force Protection program. What brought Jim to our Club today was the life experience of his two sons and himself having personally lived through a shooting of three different suspects. What Jim described to us is what one goes through after that shooting experience and how it affects the life of each individual and family as a whole.

Additionally, he demonstrated to us how the media reports a police shooting without first obtaining the facts including the testimony of an eye witness.

It takes time to do an investigation of a police shooting before all the facts are known… unfortunately our media televises and broadcasts stories and jumps to conclusions before vetting the story and obtaining all the facts behind the shooting. Jim has authored a book telling the reader what it’s like to live with following the involvement of a shooting by a police officer both from the personal experience of the police officer as well as the impact it has on his family and his personal life.

The book that Jim wrote is: O.I.S. After the Trigger’s Pulled (Officer Involved Shooting). We thank Jim for his service as well as a very informed and professional presentation to our Members.

Jim Czarnowski 10/18/2016

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Street Fair 11/6: please sign up for a shift Tickets for the Go Pro Raffle are $2 each.

Greg will get you some if you didn’t get on 10/18 Operation Hope Dinner 10/26 – Rob Taylor was working on a BBQ for all of our club to attend. Get your polo or camp shirt ordered with the new design. Julie has sample sizes. They are $30 each, but the club will pay for $20 of one shirt, so it is a net cost of $10 for a new shirt!! You are Strongly Encouraged to order a new shirt!

Condolences for Michelle and the passing of her mom & thank you to the club for your thoughts and prayers. It is appreciated. Bread order for the Street Fair needs to be turned in on 10/28. $6 a loaf & $15 a pie. Please get your order to Greg ASAP. Happy Dollars: Greg was $20 happy after attending a wedding in Charleston & his speedy son made it on the Middle school track team! Keith tortured us with a No-bell Prize for his knock-knock joke. He only paid $2 for that. Scott was $5 happy for his father in law doing better and some sporting teams did or didn’t do well. Football, I would guess, but I’m not really sure.

The Rest of the Story: Rick Sharp Rick shared one day in his life. They day he went into LA by bus to register for the draft in September 1965. He had several recollections that stick with him to this day. He was in an area near the Watts riots. He had a stack of paperwork to complete that was new to him as a twenty year old. Some people had questions about “Color” as a question on the form. One guy got in trouble for putting out a cigarette on the floor & had to pick it up. The blood test had a scary needle. The urine test was awkward. Lunch was with a guy from Ohio. The doctor was concerned with the prior knee surgery and wanted a letter from his doctor. When he got home that day, his dad said that they probably wouldn’t take him because of the knee surgery. Dad was right and he got a one year deferment. In college he inquired about the Officers program and was also declined because of the prior knee surgery. Program:Jim Czarnowski stepped up with the program. He updated us on the LEAD program for Middle school student. Our club sponsored 4 students and another club sponsored an additional two from Martin Luther King Middle School. In all, there were 132 students from San Diego & Imperial counties at the Cuyamaca Campground on 10/15-16/16. Jim was able to attend as a mentor/leader.

Some of the topic covered include Ethics, decision making tools, consequences of decisions, a nature walk, Ecological concerns. The kids learned about personality types and how to work with different types of people. They did team building activities and learned about Inspiration. The speakers were great. The bullying program Mantra trains kids to open up. This is a great program in that transition time before high school to impact kids to step up as leaders. Our four sponsored students will attend our club meeting in the future. Jim also shared his education history and how he came into the BioMimicry field at Hobie. He had his Aerospace Engineering degree from University of Colorado and saw all of the other Aerospace engineers getting jobs in the weapons defense industry. He didn’t find that ethically appropriate for his future. He looked into Masters programs and ended up at MIT in the School of Ocean Engineering. He had sent them his video of his Shark Suit swimming device and was accepted with a full fellowship scholarship. His research was on how to build a better boat and he eventually became known as Penguin man! He looked into the great swimmers: sharks and tuna, but their design was not practical for a boat. He started researching the penguin with it rigid body and fast and efficient maneuverability. Penguins held onto bubbles on their feathers for miles and released these micro bubbles as a boost to reduce drag. MIT patented the technology. He noticed that Hobie was working on similar technology and contacted them after graduation. Not only had they been following his work they were very interested in him and offered him his dream job where he has been for fifteen years.

We see Bio Mimicry in so many areas. Here are some of natures creations and the technologies they have benefited. Boxfish/Mercedes car design. Gecko/adhesives. Kingfisher’s nose/bullet train. Burrs/Velcro. Termites nests in a hot climate/self cooling ventilation for buildings. Bees networking/Electircal grids. Shark scales/swimwear. Mosquito’s painless bite/Needle technology. (I want someone to help with the mosquito bite itch problem!) Remember that Nature is smart and is the world’s largest source of knowledge. Look around when you are in nature to see what we can use to improve lives!

Kristi Hawthorne, President of the Oceanside Historical Society October 11,2016

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Our speaker today was Kristi Hawthorne, President of the Oceanside HistoricalSociety. Kristi provided us with the story of Oceanside’s several piers. The firstpier was built in 1888 at the end of Wisconsin Street. Called a ‘nwharfo” this structure,including changing rooms for beach-goers, but lasted only two or three years,succumbing to a storm. The second pier, built at the same site, didn’t last muchIonger. The third pier-much more sustantial than the earlier structures–was the firstone built at the present site. Flooding along the San Luis Rey River and nearby coastin 1916 took out railroad tracks and bridges along the river and coastal area, includingthe pier. The fourth pier was built in 1927, alongside the recently constructed bandshell. Photos and newspaper stories from that era show this latter pier dedication asattended by some ten thousand people (Oceanside then had a population of 3,000).Cars and campers were present along the beach for this occasion. This pier also iincluded meeting rooms beneath the pier. ln 1975, a storm badly damaged the then-current structure, amputating a major portion, The current pier, 1,942 feet.long, wasbuilt in 1987 and has continued to be an attractive landmark for locals and visitorsalike.