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Robert F. Hemphill – Sunshine Soldiers – July 25,2017

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Speaking of Knox Williams, our illustrious Program Chairman introduced the “dynamic” guest speaker, Robert F. Hemphill, Founder and CEO Sunshine Soldiers, an educational non-profit. Mr. Hemphill was one of three executives that formed a start-up global power company, AES, in 1981 that grew to a Fortune 150 Corporation. AES owned and operated 32,000 Megawatts of power plants in 18 countries around the globe and makes up 12% of California’s total energy. Bob started the AES utility storage business, growing it to be the largest such utility effort in the world.

President– Jim Czarnowski; President Elect- Greg Morones; Fundraising Chair- Mychal and Dave Jones; Public Relations Chair- Joshua Bernheim; Foundation Chair– Lee Russell; Community Service Chair- Rob Taylor; New Generation Chair – Michelle McGowan; Secretary- Julie Bemis; Treasurer–Keith Brentlinger; In 2008, Hemphill founded AES Solar Power. AES had 51 photovoltaic solar plants in seven countries with $2.5 billion in assets. Bob outlined the direction that power resources were taking and what the future holds in the industry. He indicated that Coal, Fossil Fuels, and Nuclear Power were on the down-swing, as a result of pollution, waste storage, and climbing costs. Yet hydro-electric, solar, wind turbine, battery storage and geo-thermal continue to be the promising future for meeting world needs for clean and low cost electrical demand for both vehicles, homes, and industrial facilities. Both solar panels and batteries have increased in efficiency and decreased in cost dramatically over the last decade. Mr. Hemphill discussed at length the history and the pros & cons of Community Choice Aggregation. This allows the citizens of various communities to determine how they may play a roll in selecting the type & source of energy supplies that would be in their best interest both economically and cleaner, yet supplying the demands for a continuous supply of electrical energy. Robert Hemphill has published two humorous books regarding his energy, international, and business experiences: Dust Tea, Dingoes, and Dragons; and Stories from the Middle Seat. He is a columnist at the Huffington Post, and advises several small renewable energy companies.

Bob Hemphill graduated Magna Cum Laude from Yale University. He earned his MA from UCLA and an MBA from George Washington University. He served his nation as an airborne infantry officer in Vietnam and in the Special Forces. Thank you for your Service Robert and our gratitude for enlightening all of us on the direction that renewable energy is taking in order to improve the lives of our future generations!

Maria Mingalone – Museum of Art – July 18, 2017

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knox introduced Oceanside’s Museum of Art new Executive Director, Maria Mingalone. Maria came to the City of Oceanside with extensive background in the area of Art Museums. Maria shared with us some of the background and programs employed by the Oceanside Museum: 1. It was founded by volunteers 2. The new building opened in 2008 3. It has diverse programs for ALL 4. It shows living artist works as well as deceased artist work 5. It draws audiences from Orange County, San Bernardino County, Los Angeles, San Diego as well as local residences from Oceanside/Carlsbad etc. 6. It creates a destination status for the City of Oceanside 7. It creates a million dollar business for the local economy 8. It has 25,000 visitors/year 9. Some upcoming programs are: Bronze Casting Workshops for Veterans Healing Journeys 10. In addition to acclaimed exhibitions, the Museum also offers: Hands-on Workshops Informative Lectures Engaging Concerts & Films Interactive Gallery Tours, and Community Events for All Ages We thank Maria for spending time with us and giving us a great overview of what Oceanside’s Museum of Art does for the community. Thank you again for your presentation, Maria!

Dave Jones – July 11, 2017

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Our program today was a Club Assembly. Dave Jones led off with a report of the golf tournament. The pertinent facts: We had a total of 90 golfers and, as always, RCECR led the pack with 45. Despite a concern that the raffle income might drop precipitously in Knox’s absence, we got exactly the same amount as last year, $1140. Either Keith picked up some of Knox’s super salesman tactics, or it was those cute young girls from the Oceanside Junior Miss pageant? Our club sponsored six marines to play, but we were only able to get one due to a military Y tournament the same day that sponsored fifty marines. That meant a $700 donation to us. The auction income increased from last year. Perhaps that was aided by having a couple craft beer tents plus one with tequila shots provided by Sr. Grubby’s restaurant. The bottom line was that our club netted $7,021.12 Kudos to all of us, as we all participated in at least one and many in several ways! We had a couple auction items that went unbid at the tournament. Rob paid $100 for a foursome at Arrowood and Greg paid $125 for a foursome at Temecula Creek. Those will be added to our golf tournament total, so the new total is $7,246.12 which, I believe, is the 2nd highest total ever. Greg told us that this year’s Rotary theme is “Rotary; Making a Difference” and announced all the officers and committee chairs for our club for the new Rotary year. They are all listed in the heading of these Bell Notes. We will continue to participate in the Carlsbad Street Fairs, which will be held Nov 5 of this year and May 6 of next year. We will also continue with our golf tournament (Dave hopes with a new chairman). We will continue with our 50/50 raffle and happy dollars. Dave Jones asks that you e-mail him the amount that you can pledge for this year. The average usually is around $150, but some give more and others less. Pledge the amount that you are comfortable with and Dave promises not to exceed that amount without your permission to do so. The amount that you pledge will be known only to you and Dave. It is important to make a pledge though to aid Greg and the Board to plan a budget.

Under Community Service, we will continue with our feeding the homeless at Operation Hope, but also to add a beach cleanup day, and to team with nearby Rotary clubs and other community groups to aid with their community projects. We will continue with our Day at the Races, our Blue Sash Banquet and participation in the Oceanside Independence Day parade. Among our goals for the year are to increase our exposure/traffic on social media by 30%, post weekly photos of our meetings and events and create a brochure promoting our club and the benefits of membership. Josh volunteered to work on the brochure. Our ultimate goal is to add and retain three new members. Each member is asked to seek out one new member. We will plan to have a club assembly every six weeks. Finally, why belong to Rotary? Because together, we can make a difference!