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Roy Martins – San Diego Incognito – Jan, 30 2018

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San Diego Incognito—San Diego’s hidden, unusual & historical places. Roy Martins has lived in the San Diego area for over forty years. His hobby has been leading walking tours. He has led walks for Torrey Pines Ski Club, Christ Lutheran Church, Christ Presbyterian Church, as well as family, friends, and neighbors. His tours include Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, La Jolla, UCSD, Little Italy, Downtown San Diego, and Coronado. Here is just a sampling of many of the interesting and enjoyable tours that Roy has led over the years:

San Diego Incognito – San Diego’s hidden, unusual and historic places – January 30, 2018 Our Environment 1. Oak Riparian Park – Vista – Oak tree lined stream and pathleads to the Mount Calavera Volcano. -large hole in the north side – inactive now – free 2. San Diego Archaeological Center – Escondido – Turning Mystery into History $2/5 family 3. Agua Hedionda Lagoon and Discovery Center – Live parrot, indoor Bee colony other animals free 4. Roynon Museum – Escondido -Earth Science and Paleontology – $U/10/8/s/free Our History 1. Guajome House – Oceanside – Built in 1852 by Bandini Family as personal/headquarters ranch house – Best time to visit is Halloween and Christmas. Eat at Marieta’s 2. Oceanside Heritage Park – Behind Mission San Luis Rey – Historic buildings and snacks – free 3. North County Model Railroad display – Heritage Park -children hands on – Saturdays – free 4. Green Dragon Tavern and Museum – Carlsbad – American History – free – eat at table 125 in bar S. California Surf Museum – Oceanside – $s/3/free. Docent tours 6. Electric Boats – Oceanside Harbor – 8-12 people – awnings – bring champagne/coolers 7. Twisted Horn Mead and Cider- Vista – Medieval style Honey Wine tasting rooms – fee for Mead 8. UCSD Library – On the Campus – Dr Seuss exhibit – 5th floor views – free Just for Fun 1. UCSD Stuart Collection -Falling Star, Snake Path, Garden of Eden, Talking/singing trees, Bear 2. The Captain Charles Kenneth Speakeasy – Carlsbad Village – daily password on Instagram 3. Carlsbad Craftsmanship Museum/Miniature Engineering Museum – Lionshead Ave. – Birk Petersen Collection – the Michelangelo of Miniatures – Free. 4. Carlsbad Gateway Center – 20 businesses. Brewery, Artisan Breads, Brewery Supply S. Oakcrest County Park Bocce courts – Encinitas – two professional level courts – free 6. Urge Gastro Pub and Common House – food/bowling (8) – San Marcos State University 7. Village Pub – Train Beer – special price when a train comes through Carlsbad Village 8. Schulman Theater – Carlsbad Dove Library – muliple events each week – mostly free 9. Decoy/Dockside – San Marcos – Free boat rides. 10. Carlsbad Mineral Water – Carlsbad Village – How Carlsbad (Karlsbad) got its name. Our Incognito Restaurants 1. Albert’s – Zoo – Walk to top of tree house, take elevator down trunk two floors 2. Back Alley Grill- San Marcos – Love the name and location 3. Seasons Restaurant – Carlsbad – Aviara – Six areas to eat – open to the public 4. Yellow Deli – Vista – Food from their Farm – spiritual group are owners/no alcohol 5. Decoy Dockside – San Marcos lakeside dining – Ride/view Pontoon boats – see Black Swans. 6. The Lighthouse – Oceanside Harbor top floor

Kirstin Farella – Harcourts Auctions – Jan 23, 2018

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Our program today was provided by Kirstin Farella. She operates a Harcourts Auction company in North County. Unlike traditional house sales, the auction idea is catching on. Harcourts Auctions started in Australia and New Zealand where 75% of all property sales are through auctions. These sales are not the traditional auction sales of foreclosures. They are regular property sales. You don’t even need to accept the high bid if you don’t want to. With the auction sale process, you get more people viewing your property. They only hold 2 open houses per week and limit the open house to only 2 hours. You get approximately 102 people viewing your property each month. On the evening of the auction all buyers need a cashier’s check for $10K to bid. Typically, the property is listed 27% below market value. I guess this gets people in a bidding war so to speak. Also, just because your property didn’t sell at the auction, negotiations can still go on long after the auction. People like the auction idea because you think you are getting a great deal.

Dr. Gina Maraio – ER physician – Jan 9, 2018

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program today was provided by Dr. Gina Maraio, a Family Practice/ER physician. She began her practice working in an emergency room, but then devoted her time to a family practice and hospice work. She now devotes most of her time to hormonal balance and weight loss and management. Dr. Maraio’s “lean and green” weight loss program utilizes lean meats and green vegetables and two apples a day and is one of the truly successful weight loss programs. Also as a by-product of this diet plan, her patients significantly reduce inflammation, which is the root cause of heart disease, brain fog, gut inflammation, liver damage and many other diseases, including diabetes. To learn more about this plan, we are invited to attend three free weekly seminars named the 21 Day Clean-Eating Challenge, which will be held at the New Song Community Church at 3985 Mission Ave. in Oceanside (corner of Mission & Douglas Drive) beginning next Thursday, Jan. 18 from 6:30-8 pm.

Dustin Schaffer – Pruvit – January 2, 2018

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Dustin Schaffer is self- employed and manages Pruvit. He has spent the last 20 years as a health and fitness consultant and specializes in muscle activation techniques and bio-signature. He is a former recon marine and college athlete He used the ketogenic diet to overcome his personal health challenges. He is now one of the top ketone educators and hosts the biggest ketone events in the world. At age 26 he came down with many different ailments (caused by brain injuries as an athlete) and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical bills and medications. He was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease and his knees needed to be replaced. Now although he will still at some point have to have surgery on his knees he is doing great and his body is repairing. He spoke about how Navy Seals were having seizures and by a diet of Ketonesthey can overcome that. Mr. Schaffer showed a video about an Alzheimer victim as narrated by his wife Dr. Mary Newport. By adding coconut oil to his diet (which contains Ketones) in 3 weeks he improved both emotionally and intellectually. This prompted Dr. Newport to write a book Alzheimer’s disease; What if there’s a cure? There are studies and experiments also being done at Oxford University using high potency ketone extracts. Mr. Schaffer referred to Alzheimer’s as diabetes of the brain, and claimed there is a link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Mr. Schaffer went on to say that in a diabetic the cells need insulin or they start to die off, he said to “picture millions of light bulbs going off and glucose cannot get in, whereas ketones can get absorbed right into the cells and bring improvements.”

Dave asked Mr. Schaffer about this, because he had never heard of Alzheimer referred to in that manner. According to Mr. Schaffer Ketones can help with Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, Dementia and Schizophrenia. Some of his statements had Dr. Dave shaking his head. Mr. Schaffer said Ketones are good for the brain and the heart. They put our bodies in a state of ketosis and use our fat for fuel. He named numerous athletes who are on a ketone diet to help prevent brain injury. Mr. Schaffer said there are myths out there: that breakfast is the most important meal and that fat causes problems with cholesterol and heart disease. He referred to this as the Big Fat lie. Sugar and carbohydrates are the worst culprits. He claims a low carbohydrate diet and good fats are good for the heart and stop inflammation. He said sugar and carbohydrates actually cause the inflammation. There were lots of questions

Keith heard about how fasting can actually help the body. Mr. Schaffer said that in some religions the monks fasted and actually put their bodies in ketosis. Brain has a lot of friends who are vegans and asked how they could use the Ketones. Mr. Schaffer said that you can just drink a product with Ketones and achieve ketosis. Someone asked about the coconut oil in the drinks, and Mr. Schaffer said some have it and some don’t because a lot of coconut oil is hard to digest. According to Mr. Schaffer we should eat when we’re hungry, not the old fashioned belief of 3 meals a day.