Ahmed Haque – NRC Energy – Feb 26, 2018

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Knox Williams introduced our speaker, Ahmed Haque, asset management director of NRC Energy Inc. West Region. NRG is creating a new power plant in Carlsbad at the site of the Encina power plant. NRG is a Fortune 200 company. Ahmed is currently president of the Board of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce His family is from Pakistan and his grandfather was in a Rotary club in Pakistan. NRG is the largest independent producer of power in the US, powering over 42 million homes. You may have seen their solar plants on your way to Las Vegas or on the top of Mandalay Bay Casino. We saw a photo of Mayor Hall at Rubio’s with a new energy system. Renewable is great, yet has gaps in performance. At night time energy is demanded and solar loses its affect. The new power plant will be able to be started in a 10 minutes notice, and it will be less visible to Carlsbad residents and visitors than the current plant with its large smokestack. Some community members may feel like they will miss the iconic power plant, but for the most part, people are excited for a cleaner look that will support modern demands and needs