Don Briggs – Briggs Tree Company – Feb 8, 2018

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Our speaker was Mr. Don Briggs. He has lived in this area for 87 years, and is a third generation tree and flower grower. He joined the Air Force in 1945. In 1945 his nursery was the largest grower of the Bird of Paradise plant. His father came to Calif. in 1925 and settled in. Solana Beach. Don said that when planting trees, start with small trees at $10 each, and buy mulch and chicken manure. Have a good watering system. Start with vines on a hillside, and grow down.Use a cloth to hold down mulch also. Proper root growth is needed for small plants to grow. Plant trees that live on natural water. He has a 60 acre container nursery and sells wholesale trees Sides of his growing grounds and area were hit by our recent fire. 69 homes were lost to the Lilac fire, many of them in a mobile home park located near where the fire started. One of the biggest causes of the fire spreading in the park was propane tanks exploding and acting like a bomb. Hopefully FEMA will be able to help in restoring the homes in the area. Our Club is considering helping the stricken area by planting trees, as our RI president has asked every Rotary club to plant a tree for each member. TG Vallas will check with the Homeowners Association to find out what the needs are in the mobile home park for trees. We viewed pictures taken of the fire-damaged areas. Some burned trees could have beensaved if trimmed earlier