Dr. Gina Maraio – ER physician – Jan 9, 2018

program today was provided by Dr. Gina Maraio, a Family Practice/ER physician. She began her practice working in an emergency room, but then devoted her time to a family practice and hospice work. She now devotes most of her time to hormonal balance and weight loss and management. Dr. Maraio’s “lean and green” weight loss program utilizes lean meats and green vegetables and two apples a day and is one of the truly successful weight loss programs. Also as a by-product of this diet plan, her patients significantly reduce inflammation, which is the root cause of heart disease, brain fog, gut inflammation, liver damage and many other diseases, including diabetes. To learn more about this plan, we are invited to attend three free weekly seminars named the 21 Day Clean-Eating Challenge, which will be held at the New Song Community Church at 3985 Mission Ave. in Oceanside (corner of Mission & Douglas Drive) beginning next Thursday, Jan. 18 from 6:30-8 pm.