Kelli Fitzgerald-Project Manager II SDG&E-28,May,2018

Kelli Fitzgerald from SDG&E was our speaker today. Kelli is a Project Manager II, and since February of 2016 has worked in the Major Projects Group focusing on the interconnection of generating facilities to the grid. In June of 2016 she was asked to manage the expedited implementation of the Energy Storage Project, which she shared with us today.
The Energy Storage Project is designed to simply store excess energy in a lithium ion battery array until it is needed during peak hours or conditions. There are two facilities, Escondido and El Cajon, with Escondido being the largest of the two. The Escondido facility is a 30-megawatt storage facility, but can store up to 120 MW. El Cajon is a 7.5 MW facility. The two facilities took 60,000 man hours to construct. They became operational in late February, so taking this project of this size from design development to operational status in 8 months was quite the feat. It officially went online March 7th.
Essentially, having these battery storage sites enhances the reliability of the grid. The battery arrays act like a sponge for the excess energy produced. The excess energy from the grid goes to the storage facility and then back out to the grid when needed. It is an exquisitely simple concept, and these facilities have an expected life span of 25 years. It’s nice to hear about these kinds of projects that SDG&E is implementing to ensure our electric needs continue to be met today and in the future.