Ahmed Haque – NRC Energy – Feb 26, 2018

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Knox Williams introduced our speaker, Ahmed Haque, asset management director of NRC Energy Inc. West Region. NRG is creating a new power plant in Carlsbad at the site of the Encina power plant. NRG is a Fortune 200 company. Ahmed is currently president of the Board of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce His family is from Pakistan and his grandfather was in a Rotary club in Pakistan. NRG is the largest independent producer of power in the US, powering over 42 million homes. You may have seen their solar plants on your way to Las Vegas or on the top of Mandalay Bay Casino. We saw a photo of Mayor Hall at Rubio’s with a new energy system. Renewable is great, yet has gaps in performance. At night time energy is demanded and solar loses its affect. The new power plant will be able to be started in a 10 minutes notice, and it will be less visible to Carlsbad residents and visitors than the current plant with its large smokestack. Some community members may feel like they will miss the iconic power plant, but for the most part, people are excited for a cleaner look that will support modern demands and needs

Brooke Benjamin and Bob Hartdegen 2/13/18

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We were serenaded by Brooke Benjamin and Bob Hartdegen. They sang duets of; When I Fall in Love, Good Night Ladies and Sweet Caroline. They are part of the Music Exchange run by Lori Moss who’s a private voice and piano instructor. TG dazzled us with his knowledge from 1917. A few of the facts he shared: Life expectancy for a male – 47 years Speed limit – 10 miles per hour Annual Earnings – $200 to $400 for the average US worker Sugar – $.04 for 1 pound Dozen Eggs – $.14 95% of births took place at home Doctors had no college education 230 murders reported in USA Leading causes of death – Pneumonia, Flu, Tuberculosis, and Diarrhea TG also read an entertaining letter allegedly from his 92 year old “mother in law” about her Honk if you Love Jesus bumper sticker. I suspect his mother in law isn’t the original author!Here you go: The other day I went up to our local Christian book store and saw a ‘Honk if you love Jesus’ bumper sticker. I bought the sticker and put it on my bumper. Boy, am I glad I did; what an uplifting experience that followed. I was stopped at a red light at a busy intersection, just lost in thought about the Lord and how good He is, and I didn’t notice that the light had changed. It is a good thing someone else loves Jesus because if he hadn’t honked, I’d never have noticed. I found that lots of people love Jesus! While I was sitting there, the guy behind started honking like crazy, and then he leaned out of his window andscreamed, ‘For the love of God!’ ‘Go! Go! Go! Jesus Christ, GO!’ (What an exuberant cheerleader he was for Jesus!) Everyone started honking! I just leaned out my window and started waving and smiling at all those loving people. I even honked my horn a few times to share in the love! There must have been a man from Florida back there because I heard him yelling something about a ‘sunny beach’. I saw another guy waving in a funny way with only his middle finger stuck up in the air. I asked my young teenage grandson in the back seat what that meant. He said it was probably a Hawaiian good luck sign or something. Well, I have never met anyone from Hawaii , so I leaned out the window and gave him the good luck sign right back. My grandson burst out laughing.(He was enjoying this religious experience!! ) A couple of the people were so caught up in the joy of the moment that they got out of their cars and started walking towards me. I bet they wanted to pray or ask what church I attended, but this is when I noticed the light had changed. So, grinning, I waved at all my brothers and sisters, and drove on through the intersection. I noticed that I was the only car that got through the intersection before the light changed again and felt kind of sad that I had to leave them after all the love we had shared. So I slowed the car down, leaned out the window and gave them all the Hawaiian good luck sign one last time as I drove away. Praise the Lord for such wonderful folks!! Will write again soon, Love, Grandma

Don Briggs – Briggs Tree Company – Feb 8, 2018

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Our speaker was Mr. Don Briggs. He has lived in this area for 87 years, and is a third generation tree and flower grower. He joined the Air Force in 1945. In 1945 his nursery was the largest grower of the Bird of Paradise plant. His father came to Calif. in 1925 and settled in. Solana Beach. Don said that when planting trees, start with small trees at $10 each, and buy mulch and chicken manure. Have a good watering system. Start with vines on a hillside, and grow down.Use a cloth to hold down mulch also. Proper root growth is needed for small plants to grow. Plant trees that live on natural water. He has a 60 acre container nursery and sells wholesale trees Sides of his growing grounds and area were hit by our recent fire. 69 homes were lost to the Lilac fire, many of them in a mobile home park located near where the fire started. One of the biggest causes of the fire spreading in the park was propane tanks exploding and acting like a bomb. Hopefully FEMA will be able to help in restoring the homes in the area. Our Club is considering helping the stricken area by planting trees, as our RI president has asked every Rotary club to plant a tree for each member. TG Vallas will check with the Homeowners Association to find out what the needs are in the mobile home park for trees. We viewed pictures taken of the fire-damaged areas. Some burned trees could have beensaved if trimmed earlier

Roy Martins – San Diego Incognito – Jan, 30 2018

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San Diego Incognito—San Diego’s hidden, unusual & historical places. Roy Martins has lived in the San Diego area for over forty years. His hobby has been leading walking tours. He has led walks for Torrey Pines Ski Club, Christ Lutheran Church, Christ Presbyterian Church, as well as family, friends, and neighbors. His tours include Oceanside, Carlsbad, Encinitas, La Jolla, UCSD, Little Italy, Downtown San Diego, and Coronado. Here is just a sampling of many of the interesting and enjoyable tours that Roy has led over the years:

San Diego Incognito – San Diego’s hidden, unusual and historic places – January 30, 2018 Our Environment 1. Oak Riparian Park – Vista – Oak tree lined stream and pathleads to the Mount Calavera Volcano. -large hole in the north side – inactive now – free 2. San Diego Archaeological Center – Escondido – Turning Mystery into History $2/5 family 3. Agua Hedionda Lagoon and Discovery Center – Live parrot, indoor Bee colony other animals free 4. Roynon Museum – Escondido -Earth Science and Paleontology – $U/10/8/s/free Our History 1. Guajome House – Oceanside – Built in 1852 by Bandini Family as personal/headquarters ranch house – Best time to visit is Halloween and Christmas. Eat at Marieta’s 2. Oceanside Heritage Park – Behind Mission San Luis Rey – Historic buildings and snacks – free 3. North County Model Railroad display – Heritage Park -children hands on – Saturdays – free 4. Green Dragon Tavern and Museum – Carlsbad – American History – free – eat at table 125 in bar S. California Surf Museum – Oceanside – $s/3/free. Docent tours 6. Electric Boats – Oceanside Harbor – 8-12 people – awnings – bring champagne/coolers 7. Twisted Horn Mead and Cider- Vista – Medieval style Honey Wine tasting rooms – fee for Mead 8. UCSD Library – On the Campus – Dr Seuss exhibit – 5th floor views – free Just for Fun 1. UCSD Stuart Collection -Falling Star, Snake Path, Garden of Eden, Talking/singing trees, Bear 2. The Captain Charles Kenneth Speakeasy – Carlsbad Village – daily password on Instagram 3. Carlsbad Craftsmanship Museum/Miniature Engineering Museum – Lionshead Ave. – Birk Petersen Collection – the Michelangelo of Miniatures – Free. 4. Carlsbad Gateway Center – 20 businesses. Brewery, Artisan Breads, Brewery Supply S. Oakcrest County Park Bocce courts – Encinitas – two professional level courts – free 6. Urge Gastro Pub and Common House – food/bowling (8) – San Marcos State University 7. Village Pub – Train Beer – special price when a train comes through Carlsbad Village 8. Schulman Theater – Carlsbad Dove Library – muliple events each week – mostly free 9. Decoy/Dockside – San Marcos – Free boat rides. 10. Carlsbad Mineral Water – Carlsbad Village – How Carlsbad (Karlsbad) got its name. Our Incognito Restaurants 1. Albert’s – Zoo – Walk to top of tree house, take elevator down trunk two floors 2. Back Alley Grill- San Marcos – Love the name and location 3. Seasons Restaurant – Carlsbad – Aviara – Six areas to eat – open to the public 4. Yellow Deli – Vista – Food from their Farm – spiritual group are owners/no alcohol 5. Decoy Dockside – San Marcos lakeside dining – Ride/view Pontoon boats – see Black Swans. 6. The Lighthouse – Oceanside Harbor top floor

Kirstin Farella – Harcourts Auctions – Jan 23, 2018

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Our program today was provided by Kirstin Farella. She operates a Harcourts Auction company in North County. Unlike traditional house sales, the auction idea is catching on. Harcourts Auctions started in Australia and New Zealand where 75% of all property sales are through auctions. These sales are not the traditional auction sales of foreclosures. They are regular property sales. You don’t even need to accept the high bid if you don’t want to. With the auction sale process, you get more people viewing your property. They only hold 2 open houses per week and limit the open house to only 2 hours. You get approximately 102 people viewing your property each month. On the evening of the auction all buyers need a cashier’s check for $10K to bid. Typically, the property is listed 27% below market value. I guess this gets people in a bidding war so to speak. Also, just because your property didn’t sell at the auction, negotiations can still go on long after the auction. People like the auction idea because you think you are getting a great deal.

Dr. Gina Maraio – ER physician – Jan 9, 2018

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program today was provided by Dr. Gina Maraio, a Family Practice/ER physician. She began her practice working in an emergency room, but then devoted her time to a family practice and hospice work. She now devotes most of her time to hormonal balance and weight loss and management. Dr. Maraio’s “lean and green” weight loss program utilizes lean meats and green vegetables and two apples a day and is one of the truly successful weight loss programs. Also as a by-product of this diet plan, her patients significantly reduce inflammation, which is the root cause of heart disease, brain fog, gut inflammation, liver damage and many other diseases, including diabetes. To learn more about this plan, we are invited to attend three free weekly seminars named the 21 Day Clean-Eating Challenge, which will be held at the New Song Community Church at 3985 Mission Ave. in Oceanside (corner of Mission & Douglas Drive) beginning next Thursday, Jan. 18 from 6:30-8 pm.

Dustin Schaffer – Pruvit – January 2, 2018

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Dustin Schaffer is self- employed and manages Pruvit. He has spent the last 20 years as a health and fitness consultant and specializes in muscle activation techniques and bio-signature. He is a former recon marine and college athlete He used the ketogenic diet to overcome his personal health challenges. He is now one of the top ketone educators and hosts the biggest ketone events in the world. At age 26 he came down with many different ailments (caused by brain injuries as an athlete) and spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on medical bills and medications. He was diagnosed with Hashimoto disease and his knees needed to be replaced. Now although he will still at some point have to have surgery on his knees he is doing great and his body is repairing. He spoke about how Navy Seals were having seizures and by a diet of Ketonesthey can overcome that. Mr. Schaffer showed a video about an Alzheimer victim as narrated by his wife Dr. Mary Newport. By adding coconut oil to his diet (which contains Ketones) in 3 weeks he improved both emotionally and intellectually. This prompted Dr. Newport to write a book Alzheimer’s disease; What if there’s a cure? There are studies and experiments also being done at Oxford University using high potency ketone extracts. Mr. Schaffer referred to Alzheimer’s as diabetes of the brain, and claimed there is a link between diabetes and Alzheimer’s. Mr. Schaffer went on to say that in a diabetic the cells need insulin or they start to die off, he said to “picture millions of light bulbs going off and glucose cannot get in, whereas ketones can get absorbed right into the cells and bring improvements.”

Dave asked Mr. Schaffer about this, because he had never heard of Alzheimer referred to in that manner. According to Mr. Schaffer Ketones can help with Parkinson’s disease, Epilepsy, Dementia and Schizophrenia. Some of his statements had Dr. Dave shaking his head. Mr. Schaffer said Ketones are good for the brain and the heart. They put our bodies in a state of ketosis and use our fat for fuel. He named numerous athletes who are on a ketone diet to help prevent brain injury. Mr. Schaffer said there are myths out there: that breakfast is the most important meal and that fat causes problems with cholesterol and heart disease. He referred to this as the Big Fat lie. Sugar and carbohydrates are the worst culprits. He claims a low carbohydrate diet and good fats are good for the heart and stop inflammation. He said sugar and carbohydrates actually cause the inflammation. There were lots of questions

Keith heard about how fasting can actually help the body. Mr. Schaffer said that in some religions the monks fasted and actually put their bodies in ketosis. Brain has a lot of friends who are vegans and asked how they could use the Ketones. Mr. Schaffer said that you can just drink a product with Ketones and achieve ketosis. Someone asked about the coconut oil in the drinks, and Mr. Schaffer said some have it and some don’t because a lot of coconut oil is hard to digest. According to Mr. Schaffer we should eat when we’re hungry, not the old fashioned belief of 3 meals a day.

Joe Sarnecky – Sergeant at Arms – Dec 19,2017

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Joe Sarnecky shared an audio file, simulated photo and his memories from a mid-air collision and rescue on August 15, 1968 at 1520 while flying at about 5000 feet above near the southernmost base in North Vietnam. He was flying as a Lt JG in one of two F4’s that collided mid-air. He received an audio file of the radio recording before a reunion about 5-6 years ago. We listened to the chilling radio call, with the beeping of the Automatic Ejector in the background at the beginning. The USS Halsey Warship recorded his Mayday call of a downed aircraft (F4 Phantom) Linfield 201. They were returning from a mission off the USS Kittyhawk where there was heavy fighting. His plane and another A4 hit about 1 mile before the coast over an area with firing coming from the jungle on the beach and five fishing boats in the area that would all be happy to collect a US airman for a bounty of about $10,000 US equivalent dollars.

Joe was the back seater in his F4, one of two F4’s downed. He didn’t know that there was another F4 involved, just that he had been ejected at about 700 feet in the air and a mile from the coast. His goal was to get out over the water so he used the chute to collect air to propel him. He landed tangled in his parachute in the water. He felt claustrophobic and got his helmet off and decided he needed to get any sharp objects away from his survival floatation vest so it would not be punctured.He was floating with water neck high with five foot waves.

The USS Halsey warship sent A4 helicopters to the rescue. They dropped a Gutter in the water to keep the fishing vessels from getting to the downed men. They were trying to take out the people firing from the beach at the tree line in the jungle. They were dropping bombs and getting reports from the Harbormaster about the location of the firing by the smoke on the beach. Additional A4’s were there to keep the fishing fleet at bay, but they could not shoot at them.

They initially tried to hoist Joe up, but realized he was tangled in the chute and had to drop him back in the water. The sent a paratrooper down to cut him free which took about ten minutes. The paratrooper was left behind by his helicopter as it needed to get back to refuel. Joe was in the water for about 35 minutes. The Paratrooper that rescued him recalled that Joe said to him “This is a hell of a way to make a living!”Joe was brought up by a hoist after the replacement Helicopters returned. He was taken to the USS Halsey. He then learned that there were two planes down and all 4 men were rescued. The survivors included his pilot and both the back seater and pilot in the other plane.

The other pilot suffered burns and serious injury to his arm. Joe was very lucky and was not injured except for a back pproblem that he developed later and which he attributed to the accident. He was sent back out flying again in 5 days. In all her flew 226 combat mission over 3 cruises: two in 1967-1968 and one in 1969. Thank you Joe.

Greg Morones – Eternal Hills Mortuary – Dec 6, 2017

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We didn’t have a scheduled program today. Greg took the opportunity to tell us about a holiday project that he and other staff members of Eternal Hills Mortuary were involved in with Solutions for Change in Vista, which aids homeless people find employment and return to be productive members of society. They were given the name of a family and their needs (pots, pans, bedding, etc.) and then on a day that no one was home, they were allowed in to put up Christmas decorations to surprise the family when they returned. That sounds like a great idea and something that we might want to get involved with next year.

Jim O’Meara discussed what happens to the money that we donate to Rotary Foundation. Unless we designate it for a particular Foundation cause, such as Polio Plus, it goes into the general fund and then half of it goes to the Districts to provide matching funds for club’s global grants and the other half is then used to match the District grant donation.

Opportunity drawing winner: I’m not sure who the lucky winner was (could have been Julie or Knox, but I know that it wasn’t me. I think it was a couple thousand dollars).

Lee Russell- US Marine Corps – Nov 29, 2017

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Today’s program was an idea by Lee Russell to recognize veterans in our club from who have served in the military. Club members (and two guests) were asked to give a brief overview of their service.

First up was Alice Williamson, a guest of Lee’s who served in the Women Marines during WWII as a personnel clerk. She said that she selected the Marine Corps because she liked their uniform best. She was proud to sign up, because basically, her work during the war “freed up a man to fight.” Following the war, she married a career marine officer and they were married for 59 years. Alice is currently a very spry 98 years old.

Next up was Knox Williams who served in the post WWII Naval Reserve, and had several deployments on an Aircraft Carrier and Destroyer Escort ships. Lee Russell entered the armed services toward the end of the Korean War. When he was drafted, he was given a 30-day deferment to complete his current semester in college. While in basic training the fighting stopped and he was deployed to Germany, where he served as a clerk at the 7th Army Headquarters. Scott Cadwallader was in the Army from 1970-1973. He was trained as a radar repairman, and spent 18 months in Okinawa and 6 months in Key West serving in the Army Air Defense Command at Nike missile batteries.

Rick Graham graduated from the US Naval Academy in 1970 and attended flight school. He flew helicopters off the Southern California coast for five years before a seizure ended a promising naval career.

Dave Jones was an Army Physician who served in Vietnam from 1964-1965. This was the period just prior to an escalation of hostilities. Much of his time was spent going out into the villages and providing primary care services to the local Vietnamese community. Joe Sarnecky was a naval aviator, first as a Radar Intercept Officer (or RIO) in the back seat of the F-4 fighter during the Vietnam War. He then qualified for the “front seat” and earned his pilot’s wings in 1971. He was later in the Naval Reserves and retired as a Commander. During his years flying, he engaged in 200 combat missions and had 525 carrier landings.

Our second guest (thanks to Josh) was Todd Fowler who served in the US Marine Corps from 2004-2012. He was an infantryman first and then switched his military specialty to air control. He had several deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. Our thanks to Lee for a great program idea, and a special thanks to all of our veterans for their service.